KEDS is a non-denominational Higher Education provider of innovative and competitively-priced online courses in theology. We specialise in biblical studies, particularly hermeneutics (biblical interpretation), Evangelical theology and Jewish-Christian studies.

Our BTh, MA and Graduate Diploma degrees are validated by the University of Chester. We also offer short courses in the Bible, theology and ministry.

KEDS is a confessional school, with tutors and students from across the Evangelical spectrum. We are also international in context, with around half of faculty from outside the UK and some 40% of online students residing overseas. 


  • PhD candidate (Biblical Studies), Dublin City University
  • MA (Theology), University of Chester
  • BTh (Honours), University of Chester


  • Tutor in Theology, KEDS
  • Involved in preaching, teaching and missions ministry

Selected Publications and Presentations

Anthony Royle, 2017. Jesus ate with Sinners: Between Church Discipline and Hospitality. Purge the Old Leaven: Aspects of Church Discipline in the Bible, Theology, and Culture essay series. in the Evangelical Review for Theology and Politics, Vol. 5, 33-42.

Anthony Royle, 2015. An Apocalyptic Hermeneutic for Biblical Hospitality. In the Evangelical Review for Theology and Politics, Vol. 3, 49-58.

Royle, Anthony. “The Keys of the Kingdom: Christian Halakhah for the Realised Eschaton.” Thy Kingdom Come Conference Papers Special Edition. The Evangelical Review for Theology and Politics, Vol 2. (2014): 117-129

Academic Papers Royle, Anthony. “The Vorlage of Paul’s Citation in Ephesians 5:14.” Paper presented at the Annual Hawarden Seminar of the OT in the NT conference in Gladstone’s Library. Hawarden, North Wales, 6 April 2017.

Anthony Royle. The Keys of the Kingdom: Christian Halakhah for the Realised Eschaton.” Paper presented at Thy Kingdom Come Conference. Westminster, London, 18 October 2014.

Anthony Royle. 1 John as Midrash Pesher on Genesis 1-4: Eschatological Typology, Structure and Early Christian Polemics.” Paper presented at The British New Testament Society Conference at the University of Manchester. Manchester, 6 September 2014.

Books Royle, Anthony. Genre and Biblical Interpretation. In Calvin Smith and David Williams (eds.). Knowing Your Bible: An Introductory Survey for the Everyday Christian. Broadstairs, Kent: King’s Divinity Press, 71-88.

Teaching and Research Interests

Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament, biblical theology, Second Temple Judaism, Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, eschatology, Church discipline, Jewish-Christian Studies

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