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KEDS is a non-denominational, Evangelical institution that subscribes to the historic decisions of the early church councils.

The school holds to the sovereignty of God, the Trinity and the deity of Christ, the virgin conception, salvation through Jesus Christ, the present work of the Holy Spirit, and the future return of Christ. We also believe in the unity of Scripture and consider the Bible as the final authority on issues of Christian faith and practice.

This high view of Scripture underpins the ministry of the college, and all permanent lecturers and staff are in agreement with this position.

Students are drawn from across the Christian faith and the school encourages genuine and thoughtful debate, providing it is biblically-based and theologically-sound. As such, KEDS does not subscribe to a lengthy and prescriptive statement of belief.

While the vast majority of students come from within Evangelical Christianity, we welcome non-Evangelicals to study at the the school, providing they are suitably respectful of and do not promote views contrary to our orthodox, historic and mainstream Evangelical values and beliefs. 



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