Find below a selection of comments from students at King's Evangelical Divinity School, both past and present, about their experiences studying with us.

I have now finished my degree and it has been a totally fascinating experience. It has improved my knowledge of the Scriptures exponentially. I have loved getting to know so many people and especially appreciate all the help I've had from all the wonderful lecturers. Although I have finished the degree and intend to start a Masters in IT very soon I may still decide to do the Masters at KEDS. It is truly great value and I believe that it would be extremely difficult to beat the learning experience that can be gained at KEDS.

Lee Wardle
B.Th. student (April 2014)

My name is Jason Wright, I'm 42 years of age and a father of four children. I currently operate an online entomological supplies business. My spiritual journey has been somewhat mixed having spent many years as a very zealous Jehovah’s Witness.
After salvation in Christ I was somewhat desperate to understand what exactly the “Church” is. I tried doing research but with a plethora of ideas and expressions of Christianity I was unsure just where to start. During my exit from the Watchtower I had engaged in a historical survey tracing the origins of the Society, I felt I must do the same with Christianity. However how could I achieve this? No local Church could offer any practical theological help and with a family and business to run I had no idea how I could do any academic study. I had been warned that “Knowledge Killeth the Spirit” yet without a systematic understanding of Biblical theology I was somewhat confused, adrift and frustrated.
My prayers were answered when I found a link to Kings Divinity College. Online study – Wow – just what the doctor ordered! I am now in my third year and can highly recommend the college. It is still hard juggling family, business and ministry but for me this is more than academia, it is being equipped to disciple others properly. I have benefited greatly in being able to understand the Bible in new and profound ways. In particular understanding hermeneutical method has helped my ministry as the pastor of a small fellowship ( The course offers a well-rounded balanced approach yet stays true to evangelical confession.
Jason Wright
B.Th. student (April 2013)

altWhen I chose to do theology at degree level, my thinking included a recognition that academic level study was a vital aspect within the whole earthly church endeavour.
But, theology courses, although well established up to the highest levels, are usually underpinned by unbelief. Kings was different, plainly stating its belief in the great creeds. Kings also held onto a high view of scripture; again, something that cannot be guaranteed.
Mark Nightingale
B.Th. (2012)

I attach a very high value on the quality of teaching and skills I learned whilst studying at Kings. The real differentiator is that the college focuses on teaching one how to think and reason in an exegetical way, and not just learn a set of doctrines or traditional preferences.  The modules are designed to teach one how to handle material and cover view points of a wide variety, and measure them against Scripture which is held as the main authority on both doctrine and life.  
The lecturers are drawn from a diverse pool of evangelical backgrounds which contributes to a balanced, yet evangelical approach to studying the Bible.  It has challenged me in many ways and has given me confidence to engage with Scripture and others without being arrogant about it.  Because of the course's focus on hermeneutics, I am also able to use the analytical and philosophical skills which I learned here successfully in my secular occupation, which is software architecture. 
Paul Grobler
B.Th. student
Cape Town, South Africa (2012)


Having looked around online for a UK Bible College to continue my distance learning from Germany, I was steered towards King's Evangelical Divinity School by a friend who was studying with them. I liked the look of their MA course, and so applied to continue my further education with King's. 

Having just completed the MA, I can very strongly recommend King's as a ‘very satisfied student’! I was immediately taken with their easy-to-use online learning system, which gave overviews and very helpful initial resources for each of the six MA modules. The module content was inspiring and rigorous, and encouraged further research into areas of global evangelicalism.The essay assignments were easy to submit (which for those perhaps struggling with IT were definitely user-friendly), and the marking was both constructively critical and encouraging. As a distance learner, the KEDS office as a point of telephone and e-mail contact was extremely helpful and at times I was also able to talk over issues with Calvin Smith when he was available, which was always insightful and valuable advice.

When it came to the dissertation, again, the advice and insight given was crucially important. I am planning to recommend KEDS to my friends as an online ‘gem’ of a Bible College, and the fact that they are accredited by Chester University gives KEDS the kind of credentials it deserves. Partly due to the smooth experience I have had with KEDS, I am now planning to go on and complete my PhD, and can only hope that my doctoral learning experience will even in measure mirror that of my experience with KEDS.

William Wade
M.A. student (May 2012)

Having been blessed to have studied at five universities in four countries, I feel I am reasonably well qualified to recommend King’s Evangelical Divinity School to prospective students as a first-rate evangelical institution.

I first came to King’s several years ago when it was Midlands Bible College, offering face-to-face courses alongside its distance programmes, and with a studentbase limited to the immediate Midlands area. Over the last eight years, I have watched the college flourish into a major player in British theological education, combining innovative e-learning technology and traditional bible-centred theological education, simultaneously offering the academic benefits of accreditation by a large university with the ‘family’ feel of a small, and explicitly Christian, divinity school.

My attraction to King’s was two fold: firstly, its course explicitly in ‘Biblical Hermeneutics’ offered a profoundly scripture-focussed approach to exegetical theology: my previous studies having encompassed a broad a sweep of philosophy and systematic theology, I was acutely aware of my need to develop a deeper reverence and love for Sacred Scripture.

Secondly, the overtly evangelical nature of King’s is a welcome breath of fresh air in the context of an increasingly pluralist and secular academic sector: the staff at King’s are clear about what they believe and are prepared to offer exegetical justification for it.  The staff have – in my experience – never attempted to mould students into their own image, but have nonetheless insisted upon strong theological reasoning, rooted in serious engagement with Sacred Scripture and, above all, defensible exegesis. The course then, whilst being academically rigorous, follows a useful pastoral pattern: initially laying down the form of the exegetical pursuit with courses on the theology of revelation and the philosophy of language and interpretation, before moving on to add ‘content’ by a broad exploration of a broad swathe of scripture, latterly applying these skills to think theologically about contemporary issues.

I anticipate that students will leave King’s with more questions than when they arrived – that is the hallmark of any good theological education which calls its students to enter into, and engage with, the mystery of our salvation – but they will leave with a theological competence that will enable them to seek answers to those questions, to see the internal coherence of their Christian faith, and – crucially – to communicate their faith clearly and intelligibly to others. I am pleased to recommend King’s Evangelical Divinity School unreservedly, and with considerable warmth.
Oliver J Keenan, BSc BD LTh CertHP FRAI (2011)

This was a brilliantly designed and well thought out programme from start to finish. Time and again, I wondered why King’s came at these modules from so many different angles. ‘Why not study the book of Matthew and explain what it meant, rather than explain its meaning though a cultural, historical or liberating perspective?’, I frustratingly asked myself? Yet time and again, such an approach left me plumbing the very depths of the subject to unearth a rich tapestry of comprehension, the likes of which I wouldn’t have considered on my own.
Paul Grafton-Holt (2010)

King's has helped me to grow in my understanding of the Bible as well as how to interpret it. The great thing about King's is that it is nondenominational and therefore you are hit from many different angles. The BTh helps you to understand where people from other Christian backgrounds or those with unorthodox theologies are coming from and therefore enables you to engage with them in a sincere manner. The college also helps your writing skills and is exceptionally difficult when compared to other theological colleges.

The online format is also great as it allows you to study when it is perfect for yourself. The tutuors and lecturers are also very helpful and take a lot of time dialoging with students. Students are also given the opportunity to converse and debate on the forum which sharpens one's theological ability. The course is also very cheap when compared to other colleges.

Before I began my studies I was someone who was too fundamental. After my first year of studies I have found myself to be somewhat more relaxed about the Bible and happy to dialogue with anyone. It has helped me when I witness to other people as well as talking to brothers and sisters in Christ who hold to different theologies than my own. The course has enabled me to shift my view on various theological positions for the better. I guess in a nutshell I have retained my orthodoxy without eroding my love for Jesus Christ whilst shaping my systematic theology for the better.
Joshua Smith

I started KYB [Knowing Your Bible] to try my hand at theological study and although I've only undertaken 2 modules so far it has been of great joy to me. To study God's word has been something I have wanted to do for some time and KYB has shown me that it was the right thing to do. I hope to continue with my studies and I plan to eventually move into full-time ministry when I have studied a little more. I thank God for leading me to KEDS and that all those who need to find it maybe lead here.
What I have really enjoyed is the real college feel of the ecampus forums, it really is like being back at college and talking in the canteen! You don't feel as isolated as some distance courses whic makes a big difference.
Stewart Thompson

I have now completed the Bachelors degree (BTh) in hermeneutics and have subsequently started the Masters (MA) in Evangelicalism. Distance Learning best suited my situation as I am self-employed and run my own business which I have been developing for some years now, and after having the time out to actually be a resident student at the other Bible College, I was even more convinced that distance learning was the way to go for me. It seemed to me that whether actually resident at a Bible College or studying (from the comfort of your own home) by Distance Learning, the work load was more or less the same, and if anything there were more distractions at Bible College e.g. fellow students, social groups etc.

When I began to study with KEDS, I had the comfort of my own home and the flexibility and freedom to work and study, thereby enabling me to earn while I learned. Most importantly for me, the rewards for the time and effort that I have put into my studies with KEDS have been significant. Through my time studying with KEDS, I have become much more analytical and methodological in my approach to studying and reading Scripture. My understanding is much deeper and in many ways I have a much more critical approach and yet at the same time, as I have wrestled through many difficult aspects of Scripture and Theology, I have grown spiritually, and have reached a place whereby I now extend more grace to others of differing viewpoints than myself.

This is through more of an appreciation of the complexities of interpretation including the various nuances, cultural, and socio-historical factors involved to name a few. And yet it has also strengthed my faith and reinforced many of my convictions. My studies with KEDS have not only been a blessing academically, but spiritually. The lecturers at KEDS are very supportive and I have had the privilege to meet many of them including Calvin Smith (the Principal) while going on a trip to Israel, organised through KEDS as part of the BTh programme, and also several conferences organised by KEDS.

This is one of the positive benefits of studying through KEDS, the opportunities to dialogue with and meet the lecturers and fellow students at conferences, on the college webite forum, on live chat, and on field trips to Israel when they are run. So in this sense studying with KEDS doesn't necessarily need be a lonesome experience.

I would certainly recommend KEDS to anyone considering obtaining a theological education, the BTh or Masters will certainly be a challenge to anyone who chooses to embark upon them, it will stretch your thinking, deepen your understanding and equip you with a much more thorough and exegetical approach to Scripture, challenging preconcieved ideas and assumptions, but for those who rise to the challenge and engage with the course material the blessings are worth it.
Daniel Kayley

I have enjoyed King's Divinity College's B.Th. in Biblical Hermeneutics immensely. It has given me the confidence to study and understand the Bible in a way that makes Scriptural application a task with fewer unknowns. I highly recommend this course for those who wish to sincerely discover the Bible for themselves.
Christian Dennett

I am almost at the end of the diploma stage of the Batchelor of Theology and can’t begin to tell you the benefits that I have experienced through studying at KEDS.  Most importantly however, is the enormous blessing in receiving sound, theological exposition of the Bible by such experienced scholars.  As someone who has experienced spiritual abuse, although long ago now, that in itself has been healing in many ways.  Our God is so good!  The confidence that has been patiently restored in interpreting the Word of God is something I will ever be grateful for firstly to Him, and then to KEDS.  On another important level the spiritual growth in knowledge has been invaluable in evangelistic field work that I am involved in alongside of my husband.  I would not hesitate to refer those searching for such higher, academic learning to KEDS.
Marilyn, Australia

I have just completed the first module and am presently working on the second. I am thoroughly enjoying the course so far and have found myself getting interested in one particular aspect of the first module and subsequently purchasing a book to pursue it further. I would definitely recommend KEDS to those I know who wish to take a Bible course.