Unlike the US where the degrees of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are accredited through regional accreditation bodies, in the UK only government-approved institutions (known as Recognised Bodies) which have been granted powers through a Royal Charter, Act of Parliament or the Privy Council can award degrees. Indeed, it is against the law for institutions without these powers to offer qualifications which are referred to as degrees. Thus, private colleges and institutions must work in formal partnership with a Recognised Body in order to develop and offer their own degree programmes. This process is known as validation, which is the British equivalent of US regional accreditation.
King's undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are validated (in the US: accredited) by the University of Chester, which means our courses have been formally assessed, approved and added to Chester's list of courses and are regularly monitored for quality assurance purposes (see our courses listed on Chester's website: B.Th., Graduate Diploma and M.A. Theology).

The British Government provides a list of officially recognised academic institutions on its website. The guide explains the types of University and Higher Education Colleges that are genuine and properly accredited/validated in the UK. King's Evangelical Divinity School can be found in Section 3, together with other British theological institutions. The University of Chester, our validating university which awards the actual degree earned through King's, is listed in Section 2.

See also King's accreditation page.