This is a question sometimes asked by North Ameerican students, where distance learning courses have, on occassion and depending on provider, been regarded less positively than a taught course. The spiralling cost of Higher Education in the US means perceptions are changing rapidly, nonetheless occasionally a prospective student from North America may ask this question.

In the United Kingdom there is no formal qualitative difference between a taught and distance learning degree. All degrees are subject to strict quality assurance assessment and must satisfy UK national rules and benchmarks.

While a distance learning degree might organise learning and resources differently from how they are delivered in a taught course, nonetheless in the UK any distance learning degree must still satisfy the validating university's own quality assurance requirements and provide students with a comparable learning experience, albeit translated into a distance learning context.

Students completing one of our programmes earn an actual University of Chester degree in the same way as any other student of the University. Indeed the final award does not even stipulate whether courses were studied full or part-time, via a taught of distance learning option.