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What Does \'Israel\' Mean in the New Testament?

What Does 'Israel' Mean in the New Testament? by Andy Cheung


Theological Significance of the Feast of Pentecost



The Inaugurated Kingdom of God

SPEAKER: CALVIN SMITH. "The Inaugurated Kingdom of God".


Modern Israel, the Bible and Replacement Theology

SPEAKER: CALVIN SMITH. "Modern Israel, the Bible and ...


The Canonical Narrative and Supercessionism

SPEAKER: CALVIN SMITH. "The Canonical Narrative and ...


British Christianity: Shaping or Shaped by Culture?

SPEAKER: CALVIN SMITH. "British Christianity: Shaping or ...


The Apostle Paul\'s Use of the Old Testament Scriptures

SPEAKER: COLIN WARNER. Superb examination of how the ...


Whatever is the Great Tribulation?

SPEAKER: COLIN WARNER. Draws on his teaching of eschatology ...


Marriages Made in Heaven

SPEAKER: DANIEL MERCALDO. Two-part series exploring various ...


Role of Women in Ministry: Exegetical Survey...

SPEAKER: EDWARD MALCOLM. An exegetical survey of the ...

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