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Principal's Jottings

Short two-minute blog by KEDS Principal Calvin Smith focusing on biblical interpretation, studying theology and Christian education generally. More in the first post.


Once upon a time I blogged, quite a lot in fact (my old blog still exists, albeit now archived online). It was hard work, the posts often long, detailed and redrafted several times. 

Yet the time and effort paid off, encouraging debate and ultimately helping to promote KEDS. It even led to an invitation to participate in a Christian televised debate, resulting in a further 8-10 programmes. I often share with my students just how beneficial a good, consistent blog can be for their teaching ministry. 

Blog 01

I also warn them not to enter into blogging lightly. A good blog is a huge commitment. At one point I was averaging 15+ hours a week writing and managing the blog, which is a major slice of anyone’s time. As my duties and responsibilities expanded it became unsustainable and after some years slowly withered.

Aside from the time commitment, contributing to its demise was how communication and debate has changed since then. Decreasing attention spans, how careful, detailed debate is increasingly replaced with an appeal to emotion, and a growing tendency toward reductionism, all make in-depth blogging passé. Today’s “debates” are more often than not played out through tweets, fancy images and short videos. 

Blog 02

Yet at the back of my mind I always wanted to return to blogging of sorts. After all, that first blog  helped secure new students and friends of the school. I am also fervent about what we do here and recognise that we (I) need to communicate much more effectively the deep passion that our community—tutors and students—has for the study of Scripture. A few brief articles on a promotional website simply cannot transmit that energy and passion effectively. 

So I have decided to blog again, about KEDS, biblical studies and Christian education more generally. Yet this time it will be a little different than previously, with posts strictly limited to 500 words. That’s just a two-minute read!

Blog 03

Many years ago our family lived in a rural area and the only suitable place of worship for us to attend was a High Anglican church. Eventually I was asked to speak regularly but I was required to limit the sermons (homilies, really) to under 10 minutes. As an extemporaneous speaker who can meander somewhat, this new discipline of making every word and sentence count was a valuable one, which I appreciate to this day. The fact is, too many church speakers drone on, repeat themselves and say very little. Yet people’s time in a busy world is precious. 

So posts will be short (though very occasionally there may be something longer, a so-called “Long Read”), This brevity is reflected in the blog’s name: Principal’s Jottings. And to keep it manageable there will be just one post each week.

It is my sincere hope the blog may share effectively about our school community’s passion for the love and study of Scripture and that, ultimately, others may join us in that quest for biblical knowledge and understanding.

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