Knowing Your Bible 1: An Introductory Survey for the Everyday Christian

Knowing Your Bible 1: An Introductory Survey of the Everyday Christian (Calvin L Smith and David L. Williams, ads.). £13.99 GBP (includes 2 GBP p&p to UK destinations). UK ORDERS ONLY.
Knowing Your Bible: An Introductory Survey for the Everyday Christian (edited by Calvin L. Smith and David L. Williams) is the first of a series of volumes published by KEDS designed to equip the everyday Christian with a comprehensive and detailed knowledge and understanding of the Christian Scriptures. 
This first Knowing Your Bible volume provides the reader with an introductory survey of the nature, origins and transmission of the Bible, history and worlds of the Old and New Testaments, biblical interpretation, Christian doctrine and historically controversial issues, and biblical prophecy. It is written in a straightforward and accessible style by contributors tutoring at King’s Evangelical Divinity School. 
This book serves as the set introductory text to King’s Evangelical Divinity School’s successful eight-module Knowing Your Bible course series, available for study online. It is included in the first courseware pack for all new KYB applicants (for further information select Courses from the above drop-down menu). However, the book is also designed as a stand-alone study resource for the everyday Christian, whether or not they are enrolled on the Knowing Your Bible course.

RRP 11.99 GBP
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