Ph.D. (Theology), Trinity College and Seminary, Indiana.     Dissertation Title: A Theological, Ethical, and Scientific Evaluation of the Christian Animal Rights Movement's Opposition to  Wildlife Trapping Master of Arts (Theological Studies), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary,  Massachusetts Bachelor of Arts (Biblical Studies with Philosophy), Gordon College, Massachusetts Activities Director of Studies (formerly Dean of Students), King's Evangelical Divinity School (formerly Midlands Bible College and Divinity School) 2008-present. Tutor of Theology, King's Evangelical Divinity School, 2001-present Co-Editor, Evangelical Review of Society and Politics , 2007-present Adjunct Instructor, Christian Leadership College, Lincoln, NE. 2007-2010   Selected Publications Vantassel, S. M. and N. D. Kloosterman. (2011). "Compassionate Eating as Distortion of Scripture: Using Religion to Serve Food Morality" in Evangelical Review of Society and Politics 5(1): 33-48. Dominion over Wildlife? An Environmental-Theology of Human-Wildlife Relations, Wipf and Stock, 2009. 'Should Wildlife Trapping have a Place in an Evangelical Environmental Ethic?' Evangelical Review of Society and Politics, Fall 2007. `A Biblical Assessment of Andrew Linzey's View of Animal Rights', in Emmaus Journal 12 (2003): 177-195 `Celibacy: The Forgotten Gift of the Holy Spirit' in The Journal of Biblical Counseling,Spring 1994. `An Overview of Vander Goot's Hermeneutics' in Church Divinity, Sept 1988. Teaching Areas and Current Research Interests Ethics (Environment (particularly ethics of animal use) and War) Old Testament (Archeology and History) Practical Theology Other View Stephen's CV. Contact: Rev, Dr Vantassel is available for interviews and requests for articles and commentaries. svantassel atsign kingsdivinity(dot)org