• Director of Operations, Kings Evangelical Divinity School
  • Tutor in Theology, Kings Evangelical Divinity School

General Teaching Areas

  • New Testament Studies
  • Theology of Romans
  • Research Methods
  • Biblical Languages

Current Research Interests

  • Translation Studies
  • New Testament Studies

My PhD concerned aspects of translation theory and the book of Romans. Previously published papers:

“A History of Twentieth Century Translation Theory and Its Application to Bible Translation”, Journal of Translation 9:1 (Apr 2013) 1-15.

“Foreignising Bible Translation: Retaining Foreign Origins when Rendering Scripture”, Tyndale Bulletin 63:2 (Nov 2012) 257-73.

“Biblically Responsible Investing: An Evaluation Report”, Evangelical Review of Society and Politics, 6:1-2 (Apr & Oct 2012) 37-59.

"Bible Translation as Cultural Interchange: Rendering the Foreign in Minority Languages", Evangelical Review of Society and Politics, 3:1 (Mar 2009) 1-15.

"The Meaning of Israel in Romans 11:26", in Calvin L. Smith (ed) The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism, Lampeter: King's Divinity Press, 2009, 8-24.