The Knowing Your Bible programme (leading to KEDS' own Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies) is a flexible, online programme designed to provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Bible. It is suitable for 1) Anyone seeking detailed and structured Bible study without having to commit to the amount of work associated with a degree-level programme, 2) Those interested in exploring whether or not to pursue biblical and theological studies before committing to a full degree, and 3) Christians keen to explore how to apply the Bible effectively within a personal, lay and/or ministry context.



  • Structured course with a strong focus on biblical knowledge and interpretation
  • Emphasis on developing knowledge and skills without the time commitment of a full degree
  • Focus on both biblical interpretation and application
  • Flexible, online programme at each student's own pace
  • Includes many reading resources - students do not need to budget for various book purchases
  • Low cost programme to help ensure maximum accesibility



Students take eight Knowing Your Bible modules to complete the Certificate. Upon completion of these modules students also have the option to complete two further modules from the KEDS B.Th. programme, leading to the Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies. These last two modules can be put towards the full B.Th. degree for those interested in pursuing further theological studies. The eight Knowing Your Bible modules are as follows:

KYB1 Introduction to the Bible
KYB2 Old Testament Survey
KYB3 World and Theology of the New Testament
KYB4 Survey of Biblical Interpretation
KYB5 Biblical Interpretation and Genre
KYB6 Major Doctrines of Christianity
KYB7 Biblical Prophecy
KYB8 Bible Polemics

For more details about the course content and structure view the KYB specification. Also see the Further Information box to the right of this page.


From 2017 the fees for the Knowing Your Bible programme are as follows:

  • All applicants pay an application fee of 25 GBP when submitting an application
  • The fee for eCampus access, the first module (KYB1) and the series textbook is  99 GBP
  • Subsequent modules (KYB2-KYB8) are 69 GBP each
  • For those progressing to the Advanced Certificate, the two additional modules are 280 GBP each

For non-UK enquirers, you can work out the cost of these fees in your local currency using this calculator.
NB This is an external financial site and is for information purposes only.



How will I be assessed? You will be assessed on a continuous basis. This means you submit work for each module then progress to the next. There are no examinations.

It has been a long time since I studied. Will I cope? Don't let a lack of schooling or recent formal studies deter you - helpful tutorial support is available for all students, regardless of academic background. Assignments are shorter than for other courses we offer. The focus of the course is on biblical knwowledge, understanding and developing skills.

How much time will I need to devote to the studies? The minimum requirement is completion of two modules per year. However, three or four modules can be completed easily each with approximately 2-3 hours per week (although circumstances differ from individual to individual). The course is entirely flexible, allowing you to organise your studies to suit your personal situation. 

Is there any information about the content of individual modules? Yes. In the blue box at the top-right of this page select "Knowing Your Bible Specification" to download a pdf file with further details about the course and individual module syllabi.

Can I study Biblical Languages as part of the programme? The Knowing Your Bible course does not feature original languages. However, those choosing to go on to the Advanced Certificate may replace the two B.Th. modules with a double B.Th. module in either beginners' New Testament Greek or Biblical Hebrew.

What is included in the first fee payable? A hard copy of the KYB series textbook, access to the eCampus (including a database of full-text theological articles, forum and other resources) and the first KYB1 module, which includes audio and video talks and lectures, reading assignments, and finally access to the KYB1 tutor.