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The Knowing Your Bible (KYB) programme is a flexible, online programme designed to provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Bible and its interpretation. It consists of a series of short modules covering different subject areas.

Completion of the first eight modules earns a KEDS Certificate in Biblical Studies. Students completing the additional Lands of the Bible double module are awarded our Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies.


The programme is ideal for anyone seeking detailed and structured Bible study without wanting to commit to the amount or level of work associated with a degree-level programme. It is also suitable for those interested in exploring whether to pursue biblical and theological studies at degree level at a later date.


  • Structured course with a strong focus on biblical knowledge and interpretation
  • Emphasis on developing Bible knowledge and study skills committing to a full degree
  • Focus on both biblical interpretation and application
  • Flexible, online programme at each student's own pace
  • Includes many reading resources - students do not need to buy many books
  • Low cost programme to help ensure maximum accesibility


Students must complete the following eight KYB modules to earn the Certificate:

KYB1 Introduction to the Bible
KYB2 Old Testament Survey
KYB3 World and Theology of the New Testament
KYB4 Survey of Biblical Interpretation
KYB5 Biblical Interpretation and Genre
KYB6 Major Doctrines of Christianity
KYB7 Biblical Prophecy
KYB8 Bible Polemics

To earn the Advanced Certificate they must also complete the following double module:

KYB9 Lands of the Bible

Each KYB module can be completed in 10 weeks with several hours' study per week. Students have 12 weeks to complete each module but can apply for an extension if required (up to six weeks).


All applicants pay a fee of 35 GBP when submitting an application. The first module costs 45 GBP and the next seven modules are 39 GBP each, so the total amount of the course is 318 GBP. Students buy one module at a time, as they required them.

We offer a discount of 20% for students buying all eight modules at once at the start of the programme which reduces the overall cost to 254 GBP.

The KYB programme also has a new initiative called Knowing Your Bible Together, which is aimed at people wishing to study the KYB course with others. The format is ideal for bible study groups, men’s and women’s meetings, teen classes, and even groups of friends. There are many benefits to studying in a group, including watching or listening to lectures together, informal discussion about course content and theological topics, proofreading each other’s work, and also being an encouragement to one another.

Each group must have a minimum of 5 people to activate the KYB Together discount of £150 per person for all 8 modules. KYB Together, therefore, offers a further 50% discount when all 8 modules are purchased as part of a group of students!

Please note because KEDS pays fees to third parties for products and services, any fees paid are non-refundable (even if you complete only part of the programme). Therefore, you should only take advantage of the reduced offer if you are sure you will complete the programme.

The additional Lands of the Bible module costs £95 GBP.

For couples enroling together there is a reduction of 10 GBP per module per person. For example, if a couple want to study the programme together, instead of paying 39 GBP each they each pay 29 GBP.  There are additional discounts for small groups wishing to study together (please email our office for details). 


For more details about module content see the KYB specificationYou can also find more information about the Knowing Your Bible programme on our FAQs pages.