This page sets out all fees for our degree courses (costs for the Knowing Your Bible and Jewish-Christian Studies programmes are detailed on those course pages).

Compared with most UK degrees in Theology, King's undergraduate fees represent outstanding value. Theological colleges typically charge 6,000 GBP or more per year full-time, rising to 9,000 GBP and beyond at university. Yet King’s fees are less than 4,000 GBP a year (pro-rata part-time). 

Moreover, studying online saves on the additional, hefty costs associated with attending a traditional course at a university or college, such as accommodation and maintenance fees.
Our M.A. programme also represents excellent value and is competitively-priced among UK postgraduate degrees in Theology.
Download the relevant fee sheet below to view all fees and notes for the course that interests you.

UNDERGRADUATE FEE SHEET (2018-19) - B.Th. and Grad. Dip. programmes

POSTGRADUATE FEE SHEET (2018-19) - M.A. programme