Prospective students who have previously completed modules or units at another accredited Higher Education institution may apply for exemptions towards a programme at KEDS. This is known as Accreditation of Prior Credited Learning (APCL). Exemptions based on previous ministry experience or similar is referred to as Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL).

Granting of APCL is subject to several conditions, principally that the credits previously completed were earned at an accredited institution of Higher Education, that credits are like-for-like in terms of level and broad subject area (e.g. Science credits cannot be used for a Theology APCL application), and crucially that the credits have not already been used towards a completed award. There are additional  for credits earned more than five years ago.

Full details of the criteria and how to apply for APCL/APEL are available in the Apply drop-down menu in the above navigation bar.

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