The maximum study periods permitted for each programme cannot usually be extended. They represent an absolute cut-off period, which is why we recommend a six-year timetable for B.Th. students, and three years each for the Graduate Diploma and M.A. programmes, giving students an additional year to safeguard against unforseen circumstances. That said, students can appeal to extend their registration by another year if they can provide evidence of mitigating circumstances which the university will consider.

It is possible to suspend studies if mitigating circumstances demand, and in some cases these may "stop the clock" so that registration time is not used up. However, such cases are subject to review by a university panel, which considers the documentary evidence that students are required to provide. Issues such as work or family commitments usually do not qualify for temporarily stopping the registration clock.

Usually, anyone not completing their programme can claim any early exit award they are entitled to and also receive a transcript for all work completed.

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