M.A. applicants usually require a first degree in Theology to satisfy the academic entrance requirements. However, depending on the circumstances the Faculty may consider other qualifications, together with suitable ministry experience, in lieu of a first degree in Theology. If in doubt contact the Director of Operations, Dr Andy Cheung. However, the following guidance notes are offered to provide prospective students with general advice and examples:


First degrees in subjects other than Theology, together with no background in Religious Studies or Theology whatsoever and no higher degree studies of any kind, will usually not be acceptable for direct entry to the M.A. programme. In such cases, applicants are encouraged to apply for the Graduate Diploma programme which, upon successful completion, is accepted for entry to the M.A.


A first and higher degrees in (a) subject(s) other than Theology may be considered for entry to the M.A. programme. This is especially the case if either qualification has elements of a Humanity and/or Social Science. Any kind of background in Theology or ministry helps strengthen the case.


Someone who can demonstrate an academic career in a subject other than Theology (e.g. higher and doctoral degrees, published work, lecturing etc) would be considered for entry to the M.A. programme without a first degree in Theology.


First degree in other than Theology with some ministry background may be considered for the M.A. The more ministry and/or theological experience an applicant has, together with Humanities/Social Science elements in previous studies as well as additional qualifications, all contribute to strengthening a case for considering such an application for entry to the M.A. programme. Previous theological study, including from non-accredited institutions, may also be taken into account if the studies were to a suitable level.


Despite the examples cited above, every situation is different and all applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. So if in doubt email the Director of Operations with details of your background for an informal opinion on whether or not someone without a first degree in Theology should submit a formal application for the M.A. programme.


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