Everyone works at a different speed, so this is a difficult question to answer. This article mainly looks at undergraduate studies, with some comment on M.A. studies towards the end.

For a rough idea of how long it would take to complete the B.Th. degree, full-time Higher Education courses in the UK typically consist of 12-16 hours per week of class attendance, together with generated study time (i.e. private reading and study, preparation for and writing up assignments). Assume, then, that full-time attendance and personal study would be around 30+ hours per week (again, this is an estimate; some students will read more slowly, others will want to study as much as they can, yet others will set out to do only the minimum required to earn the degree).

Note that the figure of 30 hours per week is over an eight-month or so period (no studies are undertaken during June to September). So over a 52-week studying by distance learning on a full-time basis equates to 19-22 hours per week. Therefore, taking the B.Th. over four years (or three-quarters time) would require about 15-6 hours per week, 12-13 hours per week over five years, and over six years (i.e. half-time) is 9-11 hours per week. Many students manage comfortably with less, others will choose to take more time. Students should aim to complete the B.Th. in six years maximum, though a seventh year is available if necessary.

Another way to look at it is how an undergraduate credit is nominally valued at 10 hours of study. Thus one year of full-time study (120 credits) is about 1200 hours of study (remember, though, this is a nominal figure - some students will take less time to complete studies). So a student taking sixty credits per year requires 600 hours, divided by however many weeks in the year they study.

Most students at KEDS complete their B.Th. degree in five or six years part-time, successfully managing to complete their studies around work, family and other commitments.

The Graduate Diploma works on the same basis but only consists of 120 credits at Level 6, so it is a much shorter course. The qualification can be taken over one year full-time through to up to four years part-time.

The undergraduate method of calculating hours per credit does not translate for the M.A. programme. The M.A. degree can be completed full-time over one year, but the option is available to study for as long as six years. It can be completed comfortably in 2-3 years.

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