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KEDS is excited to share a new initiative for the Knowing Your Bible programme.

Knowing Your Bible Together is aimed at people wishing to study the KYB course with others. The format is ideal for bible study groups, men’s and women’s meetings, teen classes, and even groups of friends who wish to develop their biblical knowledge collectively. There are many benefits to studying in a group, including watching or listening to lectures together, informal discussion about course content and theological topics, proofreading each other’s work, and also being an encouragement to one another. Each group will go through modules such as The World and Theology of the NT and Biblical Interpretation and Genre simultaneously, therefore, sharing the journey of studies together.

Each group must have a minimum of 5 people to activate the KYB Together discount of £150 per person for all 8 modules. Currently, the total cost of the course is £318 (After a 20% discount if all 8 modules are purchased at once). KYB Together, therefore, offers a further 50% discount when all 8 modules are purchased as part of a group of students!

Apply with your cohort today and receive this great deal on our Knowing Your Bible course!

“Sharing in Biblical Knowledge, Engaging in Biblical Interpretation”



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