About the conference

The religious landscape of Britain has changed considerably in recent years. The prominent and influential place that Christianity once held is gone. This change has brought with it a number of challenges for Evangelicals. The KEDS conference seeks to equip the Church with the resources needed to engage the culture for Christ.

Guest Speakers

Barrister Paul Diamond

Paul is a leading human rights lawyer and standing legal counsel to the Christian Legal Centre. He has been involved in many of the high profile religious freedom cases in this country. Paul combines his considerable strength in the field of religious liberty; with his knowledge of public and European law. Paul’s analytical expertise of socio legal developments in the UK and internationally; combined with sense of humor and blunt eloquence make him an exceptionally dynamic speaker. His counsel and strategic insight is sought out by policy makers and religious leaders. 

Alex Jacob (CEO and Director of Advocacy, CMJ)
Alex has a well-respected teaching and pastoral ministry and has been actively involved within the field of Jewish-Christian relations for many years. He holds certificates in Theology and Biblical Studies from Manchester University, an MA degree in Pastoral Theology from Cambridge Theological Federation / Anglia Ruskin University, and an MPhil research degree from Nottingham University.


The conference is open to friends of KEDS, prospective students interested in knowing more about the school, and Christians simply interested in the conference theme (whether they are connected with KEDS or not). Conference delegates will be able to select which sessions they attend, allowing them to tailor the conference for their own specific needs and interests.

KEDS Speakers
Dr Calvin Smith (Principal)
Dr Andy Cheung (Director of Operations)
David Williams, M.A. (Director, Knowing Your Bible programme
Daniel Kayley, M.A.
Tom Fretwell, M.A.

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