KEDS tutor Jermo van Nes was selected for the annual Advanced Theological Studies Fellowship (ATSF) as organised by the Theological University of Kampen, the Netherlands.

The ATSF is an international research exchange program, offering a select number of talented post-graduate students the possibility to study in Kampen for one month. Participants are given a free room and can use the library facilities during this period while they prepare for a paper in which they present parts of their research.

By the end of the month, specialists are invited to give feedback on their papers during a public session.

Other ATSF participants of this year included DongWoo Oh (Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia), Achita John (University of Aberdeen, Scotland), Bill DeJong (McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Canada), Whitney Gamble (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), and David Lilley (University of Aberdeen, Scotland), pictured with Jermo (third from the left).

This programme will be of interest to PhD students and further information is available here.