Bundesarchiv, Bild 194-1283-23A / Lachmann, Hans / CC-BY-SA 3.0

A review essay exploring theologian Karl Barth's views of Israel and Jewish people was recently published in the Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics

The essay, by Dr Paul Brazier, is entitled "Karl Barth: Supersessionism and Israel, Yeshua and God’s Election – a Dialectical Balance?" and examines the position of the famous Swiss Protestant theologian's position on Israel and the Jews, together with the last quarter of a century of scholarship on the issue (including several recently published volumes). It is important reading for anyone interested in Barth and also the issue of the Jewish people in Christian theology (a topic that in recent years is being increasingly considered and explored by Protestant Christians). 

Although access to the journal is by subscription only this essay is currently being made available as a free sample on the Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics website. Subscribers to the journal also have access to all past editions of the journal. Full subscription details are available on the site.