KEDS Principal Dr Calvin Smith recently had two new chapters published in two volumes exploring Latin American Pentecostalism.

The first, in a volume edited by Néstor Medina and Sammy Alfaro, explores Pentecostalism and politics in revolutionay Nicararagua and is entitled, "Revivalism as Revolutionary, Reactionary, or Remote: Pentecostal Political Heterogeneity in Sandinista Nicaragua".

The second chapter, which explores a growing wave of Pentecostalism in Cuba and its relations with the revolutionary government of Fidel Castro, was published recently in a volume edited by Amos Yong, Vinson Synan and Miguel Alvarez. The title of the chapter is "Cuba's New Revolution: From Religious Apathy to Pentecostal Revival".

Dr Smith also has a forthcoming chapter in another volume exploring the history, nature and politics of European Pentecostalism. His chapter focuses on Pentecostalism in Spain, with a particular emphasis upon Evangelicals under the Franco regime (he was raised in Spain as the son of missionaries during the latter stages of the regime). That volume will be published later this year. Meanwhile, Dr Smith is currently researching for a book on Spanish Pentecostalism.