Dr Elvira King, who recently joined us here at KEDS, has had a new book published which explores religious lobbying within EU institutions. The book is entitled The pro-Israel Lobby in Europe: The Politics of Religion and Christian Zionism in the European Union and is published by IB Tauris. The publisher's website states: 

"Through a detailed study of the European Coalition for Israel (ECI), the only Christian Zionist lobby in Brussels, Elvira King analyses whether and how a religious group can (and can fail to) influence decision-makers in the EU. By exploring the context of European relations with Israel as well as the mechanisms through which pressure groups are able to influence EU-wide policies, King offers an analysis which demonstrates how the EU can be a site where religion and politics meet, rather than just being a secular institution. It therefore contains vital primary research for both those interested in the pro-Israel lobby as well as those examining the role of religion in politics more generally."

Congratulations to Dr King for the publication of this important and scholarly piece of research.