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The BTh (Hons) is for anyone wanting to study the Bible and theology at an advanced level, specialising in biblical interpretation. It is validated by the University of Chester.

This degree is suitable for those seeking theological education and training for existing or future Christian ministry, wanting to be a more active and effective lay Christian, or desiring advanced knowledge and appreciation of the Bible and theology for personal spiritual development.

Key Features

  • Strong focus on a detailed knowledge and understanding of the Bible and its interpretation
  • Equips students to study at an advanced level and determine for themselves what the Bible means
  • The opportunity to develop strong analytical and evaluative skills in theology
  • Strong emphasis on independent study, research and writing
  • An opportunity to explore a range of theological issues
  • Online, flexible learning without having to move from home, saving on maintenance costs
  • A BTh (Hons) degree awarded by the University of Chester, with graduations held at Chester Cathedral

Structure and Content

The Certificate and Diploma stages focus primarily upon biblical interpretation (both theory and methods). Biblical languages are offered but are not mandatory. The final stage explores various theological areas and aspects of systematic theology, drawing on the hermeneutical skills covered at earlier levels and focusing more on independent research.

There are Certificate and Diploma early exit awards for students choosing not to complete the full BTh.

For detailed information about the aims, structure and content of the BTh view the course specification (University of Chester website). For content of individual modules scroll down that document and click on the module codes hyperlinks.

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