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British degrees are widely accepted and respected globally.

Many American academics teaching in the Higher Education have completed some of their education in Europe, including the UK, and such qualifications and experiences are highly regarded.

British degrees enjoy international respect for several reasons.

As well as ranking highly in Higher Education global surveys (for example see here), British degrees earn their reputation through a strong focus on subject specialism. Unlike a liberal arts programme containing a substantial general studies element, a UK degree focuses completely on the degree subject and is thus highly sought in some professions. 

Moreover, a British degree has a strong emphasis on personal research and independent study, and as such is ideal for those planning a career or further study involving a strong research element, or where evidence of strong research skills is required.

Finally, it is against the law in the United Kingdom for institutions that have not been granted degree-awarding powers through a Royal Charter or Act of Parliament to offer degrees. Only these institutions, together with their collaborative partner colleges, can legally offer degrees. This strict legislative framework contributes to the strong quality assurance culture of British Higher Education.

Nonetheless if you intend to use your British degree in the future in your own country (for example as an entrance qualification for ordination or a particular postgraduate programme) you should determine the suitability of all awards with the relevant institution beforehand. This is because some institutions may have their own specific criteria. Moreover, occasionally a US institution may have little knowledge or experience of working with overseas awards and their equivalence, though there are US agencies which, for a fee, will "translate" an overseas degree into a format understood and accepted by US employers and institutions.

But for further study this is usually not required as most US institutions know and respect British Higher Education qualifications.

For further details, together with various explanatory notes and links, see our page specifically designed for North American applicants.