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The British grading system is somewhat different from the North American Grade Point Average (GPA) system. Upon completion of a B.Th. degree students are awarded a first-class, upper second, lower second, or third class degree. These are usually well understood across Higher Education systems and institutions globally as there are so many Brits who work internationally. There should therefore be no problem translating your achievements.
Concerning how one earns the relevant classification, work marked at Level 4 (Certificate) does not affect the final grade; a student simply needs to pass all the modules before moving on to the next level.
Assessments at Levels 5 and 6 (the second and third stages of the B.Th) do contribute to the final degree classiciation. The weighting of Level 5 assessments is one-third of the final classification, while Level 6 assessments count as two-thirds of the final classification.