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Student Finance England and Student Loan Company finance is currently not available to cover KEDS tuition fees. Maintenance loans and grants may be available through a local authority (see final paragraph of this article).

Previously KEDS was registered with such databases. However a decision was made to withdraw from these financing programmes for the following reasons:

1. A very small proportion of KEDS students (at most two or three) funded their studies this way. Because of the very small number involved, the resources involved in providing the service and satisfying government reporting requirements did not justify the costs which would have substantially raised fees for everyone.

2. The school's focus is to keep fees as low as possible, and at one third of typical UK degrees in Theology most students prefer to self-finance rather than take out substantial tuition fee debt.

3. The higher eanings associated with careers following completion of degrees in medicine, law, business, teaching, and so on, provide graduates with an opportunity to repay students loans over their career. Yet a ministry-related career will not command the same salary such careers will earn, which is why KEDS prefers to keep fees as low as possible rather than charge higher fees for student loans which will need to be paid back over many years.

For individual self-financing initiatives (e.g. church sponsorship, maintenance grants and other local council assistance for students, etc) the school can provide a letter confirming your status as a student. KEDS also accepts fees from third parties if you need to organise this.