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Q.           I have registered with the KEDS eShop but I am unable to login.
A1.         When you registered with the shop you should have received an email instructing you to click a link to activate your account. This is not an optional exercise and if this is not done, the account will not work. When you registered, you submitted an email address and that is where the email would have been sent. It is possible that the email would have been seen as spam and sent to a spam folder. If you cannot find the email, please check such a folder and if necessary with your provider how such a folder and the email may be accessed.
A2.         If you are registered with eCampus, note that this is a different site and you may have set up this account with different credentials.
A3.         If you have forgotten your password or username, use the appropriate dialogue adjacent to the login box to recover your username or password. Note that KEDS staff cannot recover this information.