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King's specialises in Biblical Studies and Hermeneutics (biblical interpretation). The aim is to equip students to engage with, analyse and interpret faithfully individual passages in the Bible before exploring wider biblical theology issues.

This focus on biblical theology as studies progress is a primary focus of the school, allowing students to develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Bible to equip them to reach theological conclusions for themselves based on their interpretation of the Bible, rather than the other way around (i.e. approaching biblical interpretation having already reached confessional conclusions or bringing theological presuppositions to, which may impact and influence, the hermeneutical task). 

Theological presuppositions, of course, are inevitable. For example the majority of students who come to King's do so because we are an Evangelical school with a high view of Scripture and presuppositions about revelation and inspiration. Nonetheless, insofar as possible, students are encouraged to ditch their presuppositions and engage with the text in as neutral manner as possible to reach inductive theological conclusions.