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The Knowing Your Bible programme, leading to KEDS' own Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies, is a flexible, online programme designed to provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Bible and its interpretation.

It is suitable for anyone seeking detailed and structured Bible study without having to commit to the amount or level of work associated with a degree-level programme. It is also ideal for those interested in exploring whether or not to pursue biblical and theological studies before committing to a full degree.

Key Features

  • Structured course with a strong focus on biblical knowledge and interpretation
  • Emphasis on developing Bible knowledge and study skills without the time commitment of a full degree
  • Focus on both biblical interpretation and application
  • Flexible, online programme at each student's own pace
  • Includes many reading resources - students do not need to budget for various book purchases
  • Low cost programme to help ensure maximum accesibility


Students take eight Knowing Your Bible modules to complete the Certificate. Upon completion of these modules students also have the option to complete two further modules from the KEDS BTh programme, leading to the Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies. These last two modules can be put towards the full BTh degree for those interested in pursuing further theological studies at an advanced level.

The eight Knowing Your Bible modules are as follows:

KYB1 Introduction to the Bible
KYB2 Old Testament Survey
KYB3 World and Theology of the New Testament
KYB4 Survey of Biblical Interpretation
KYB5 Biblical Interpretation and Genre
KYB6 Major Doctrines of Christianity
KYB7 Biblical Prophecy
KYB8 Bible Polemics

For more details about the course and module content see the KYB specification.


All applicants pay a fee of 35 GBP when submitting an application. Thereafter, the 2020-21 the fee for the first Knowing Your Bible (KYB1) module is 89 GBP. Subsequent modules (KYB2-KYB8) are 69 GBP each. 

Following the Coronavirus outbreak KEDS is temporarily reducing tuition fees by 50% for this programme to make it as accessible as possible (particularly for those isolated at home). Anyone applying before 31 May 2020 will still pay the application fee, however the first module fee is now reduced from 89 GBP to 45 GBP and subsequent modules will be charged at 35 GBP instead of 69 GBP. For couples or small groups enroling together there is a further reduction of 5 GBP per module per person.

Once a student is successfully enroled these reduced fees will apply for a year from the date of enrolment, meaning the more modules completed during that year, the more saved. 

These measures represent a considerable saving, especially given the substantial access provided to numerous theological resources.

Anyone choosing to progress to the Advanced Certificate pay additional fees for those two modules (these are the same fee as BTh modules).


For further details about the Knowing Your Bible programme visit our FAQs pages.


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