MarylinHJHaving studied at Kings Evangelical Divinity School (KEDS) UK, for several years, I was recently awarded a Bachelor of Theology with Honours, (2013-14) accredited by Chester University, UK. I am filled with thanksgiving to The Lord our God for His love and guidance and pray He will use the knowledge and understanding attained for his glory.
Studying at KEDS was a deeply rewarding experience for me, academically, spiritually and emotionally. For instance, I began work at fourteen years of age in my Father’s business and although I had completed various educational courses in other fields throughout my working life, at the same time I held myself back through self-doubt and wrongly formulated thought-patterns as to why I should not study theology on this level. I am ever so grateful to Jesus that I finally took the plunge and was able to work through these limitations privately with him. As I gained the ability to examine the Bible’s texts, through the course at KEDS, an ever-steady and honest instruction in the rigours of Biblical Theology and Hermeneutics began to have the Lord’s desired effect on my thinking.
Technically, the course at KEDS is well written and comprehensible on all levels. Help is as close as the office, an email or call to a tutor, or else in discussion with other students on the forum where encouragement and friendship is experienced, along with knowledge and guidance from a congenial co-ordinator. All in all, it is a very pleasing environment as background to studying at home.   
Previous to my time at KEDS I have led women’s bible study groups, prayer groups and ladies ministry, and have also worked in the field for a Christian, Jewish mission. It is through my studying at KEDS however, that the Lord imparted his confidence in the ability to be a careful exegete of the Bible’s sacred texts, better understand who He is and more soundly comprehend who I am in his world, all for his glory. This blessing came with increased peace and I look forward to how He will use the skills and understanding attained. I am aware that I have more to learn, and so have enrolled in the Master’s course at KEDS, while remaining open to opportunities the Lord may bring for serving him in the Church. I would not hesitate to recommend the course pathways at KEDS and to experience their excellent academic environment.
My heartfelt thanks are extended to Dr Calvin Smith and his team of exceptional scholars and staff at Kings Evangelical Divinity School. I am forever grateful.
Blessings, Marilyn Hope Jecks