My name is Jason Wright, I'm 42 years of age and a father of four children. I currently operate an online entomological supplies business. My spiritual journey has been somewhat mixed having spent many years as a very zealous Jehovah’s Witness.
After salvation in Christ I was somewhat desperate to understand what exactly the “Church” is. I tried doing research but with a plethora of ideas and expressions of Christianity I was unsure just where to start. During my exit from the Watchtower I had engaged in a historical survey tracing the origins of the Society, I felt I must do the same with Christianity. However how could I achieve this? No local Church could offer any practical theological help and with a family and business to run I had no idea how I could do any academic study. I had been warned that “Knowledge Killeth the Spirit” yet without a systematic understanding of Biblical theology I was somewhat confused, adrift and frustrated.

My prayers were answered when I found a link to Kings Divinity College. Online study – Wow – just what the doctor ordered! I am now in my third year and can highly recommend the college. It is still hard juggling family, business and ministry but for me this is more than academia, it is being equipped to disciple others properly. I have benefited greatly in being able to understand the Bible in new and profound ways. In particular understanding hermeneutical method has helped my ministry as the pastor of a small fellowship ( The course offers a well-rounded balanced approach yet stays true to evangelical confession.
Jason Wright
B.Th. student (April 2013)